Dr. Johan Reinhard is currently (2011) an Explorer-in-Residence at the National Geographic Society. He is also a Senior Research Fellow at The Mountain Institute, Washington, D.C., a Visiting Professor at Catholic University, Salta (Argentina), and an Honorary Professor of Catholic University, Arequipa (Peru). He has lived more than ten years in the Himalayas, conducting anthropological research primarily in Nepal, in addition to having undertaken investigations in Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim, and the Garhwal Himalaya.

I've contacted him to have the right to publish the pictures he's taken in the Jumla region in 1971 and 1995..Here they are : http://tribalsculpturesfromnepal.skynetblogs.be/album/joh...


Jumla Region 1995 _17.jpg

copyright Johan Reinhard

Here you can find the link to his website : http://www.johanreinhard.net/

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Bonne continuation David!

Écrit par : François | 17/12/2011

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Merci François !!.....J'espère avoir l'occasion de développer ce blog au maximum en me focalisant uniquement sur la sculpture de l'ouest du Népal....toutes les idées sont les bienvenues...

Écrit par : David | 17/12/2011

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