Ethnoflorence Collection Number 01

For a few days i will present you some sculptures from the ETHNOFLORENCE collection.....the owner of this collection is the founder of the ETHNOFLORENCE INDIAN AND HIMALAYAN FOLK AND TRIBAL ARTS website (http://ethnoflorence.skynetblogs.be/).... He's specialized in South Nepal masks but has got some nice west nepalese figures in his collection.....

The first one is a female pregnant figure, his face remember the style of some so called primitive masks of the area. we can define it with this sentence : "carrying the god on his back"

Following J.L.Cortes and J.C. Brézillon ("La statuaire primitive de l'ouest du Népal/ The primitive statuary from western Nepal", ed.Heritage Architectural, 2011) p.82-83, these figures could represent the spirit of the Ban Jhankri, the small original shaman who lives in the forest and animates the shaman from within.....They could also symbolise the divinity who expresses itself through the Dhami (overlaping) during the possession sessions. Since shamanism has disappeared from the aera, the second assumption seems more likely. But as the cult of possessed oracles is deeply imprinted within the pre-existing shamanism, the first alternative could also be possible.....


copyright : ethnoflorence archive


copyright : ethnoflorence archive


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